About Us

Dolphin Brand has started trading in 2000 in the Emirates of Dubai, UAE. Dolphin ,Office Genius and Lynx brand are registered under Mr.Alauddin Ferozuddin.He is the Chief Executive Officer of Evergreen Stationery LLC and Dolphin Stationery LLC. The owners of Dolphin Brand with their hard work, innovation and emphasis on quality have made Dolphin brand a symbol of excellent quality at reasonable prices. Dolphin has been constantly working for innovation and bring out new products of high quality at reasonable prices all the time.

The mission of Dolphin is complete satisfaction of the clients and development of a motivated sales team to serve our clients. Dolphin range of stationery products comprised of a full range of products which includes high quality office stationery and school stationery including but not limited.high quality paper, shredder, paper clips, pens and ball pens, document files of all types, plastic covers, calculators, glue material, diaries, note books etc. Dolphin products are environment friendly, modern and easy to use.

Dolphin products enjoy the approval and confidence of leading stationery users, professionals and in general all our customers. Dolphin products are stored in modern warehouse which are protected from weather conditions to allow a long life to our products.

The local office is located in Business hub of Deira, Dubai. Dolphin products, Office Genius products and Lynx products are sold by Evergreen Stationery LLC and Dolphin Stationery LLC.